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The only source of training for the Fortinet NSE 8 certification, intended to serve as the final step in your preparation to take the Fortinet NSE 8 Lab Exam. This Advanced Bootcamp offers five full days of in-depth, comprehensive Fortinet NSE 8 Lab Exam training, conducted by our team of industry-renowned instructors with extensive real-world experience.

Covering all the technologies included in the exam blueprint, PrepForce8 Advanced Bootcamp will increase your skills in designing, deploying, configuring and troubleshooting all Fortinet technologies.

Increase the likelihood to pass the NSE 8 lab exam.

Extend your security skill set for real life networking experience.

Configure Advanced FortiGate features in complex scenarios.

The most comprehensive lab covering all exam topics.

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One of the world’s most sophisticated Fortinet lab setups. Remotely connecting all appliances covered in the Fortinet NSE 8 Lab exams.

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Fortinet NSE 8 Certification


PrepForce is a vendor independent training platform branded to train delegates on advance titles, which has been developed by our own subject matter experts, tested and vaildated within our labs.



FortiADC with software 4.3.x

FortiANALYZER with software 5.2.x

FortiAUTHENTICATOR with software 3.0.x

FortiGATE with software 5.2.x

FortiMAIL with software 5.2.x

FortiMANAGER with software 5.2.x

FortiSANDBOX with software 2.0.x

FortiWEB with software 5.3.x


This bootcamp is part of Prepforce Education Special Curriculum, developed as preparatory material for the Fortinet NSE 8 exam. Prepforce is Insoft’s own in-house developed brand for material, which covers topics included in the exam blueprint. Attending the bootcamp will sufficiently increase the skill-set necessary and will improve your chances of passing the Fortinet NSE 8 exam. Because the course covers an extensive range of Fortinet products, also part of the exam blueprint, it will extend your real-life Fortinet proficiency. There are, however, no guarantees given with regards to the outcome of the Fortinet NSE 8 exam.