Our NSE 8 Customers

Our Customers


  • “I participated in this course to get more ready for the NSE8 lab exam. Especially the advanced products were something, which I wasn't familiar with. This course met these needs. It offered very comprehensive study material covering also those advanced products. The trainer was very knowledgeable and self-confident. In the lab environment I was able to get enough hands-on experience to help me pass the lab exam. I can highly recommend this course!”

    Janne Silvo

    Fujitsu Finland

  • “I was expecting a lot of Hands-on and the training did meet my expectations. The lab environment was very good, which is the trickiest part for NSE 8. I feel more prepared now for the exam and I would certainly recommend this training to anyone who wants to go for the exam.”

    Göran Blomquist

    Cuebid AB Sweden

  • “I had expectations that I would get a good knowledge of the Advanced Products regarding the NSE 8 certifications that part of the course was very much met. I was also very surprised by those Advanced Configurations and how well the lab worked. It was very challenging, but it prepares very well for the actual test. What I’d have preferred to have more on the theory covered during the training, but it was all lab focused. Overall, I was happy with the training and I’d recommend this course.”

    Pasi Villman

    DNA Finland