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NSE 8 Rack Rentals

NSE 8 Rack Rentals

For Remote Lab Access

The NSE 8 Rack Rentals are available for Network Professionals preparing for the Fortinet NSE 8 Practical Exam.

Use our Rack Rentals services to connect remotely to Fortinet’s most advanced Lab Testing Platform and have a hands-on preparation before your NSE 8 Lab Exam.

Each rack contains a full testbed to completely configure all of the NSE 8 Lab Scenarios.

The optimal choice is to buy the Remote Rack Access package that includes the NSE 8 Lab Guide. This guide provides step-by-step configuration tasks and is available as a self-study option.

  • If you have attended any of our NSE 8 Bootcamps, you can enjoy a 30% discount on all our rental rack prices.
  • If you have not attended the NSE 8 bootcamps, we have self-study options available, where you can test your skills in your own. Check the Self Study Package - Light or Extended options available.

PrepForce 8 Lab Scenarios

Our Lab Scenarios are meticulously designed to be as close to the real Fortinet NSE 8 Exam as possible.

Our lab setup is one of the world’s most sophisticated Fortinet Remote Labs, connecting Fortinet appliances covered in the Fortinet NSE 8 Lab Exam.

With PrepForce 8 Rack Rental Services you will get:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to solve advanced topics for each task;
  • The required practical experience you need to pass the Fortinet NSE 8 Practical Exam.

The full scenario is composed of a wide set of Fortinet products. Our topology has 8x FortiGate, 2x FortiManager / FortiAnalyzer, 2x FortiWeb, 2x FortiVoice, 1x FortiMail, FortiSandox, FortiADC, 2x FortiAP and FortiAuthenticator. Currently, our topology does not cover FortiDDos, FortSIEM, and FortiSwitch.

To give you a broader sense of how a complex Fortinet Network works, the topology is designed to have several locations that communicate with each other. With its uniqueness, PrepForce 8 Lab Scenarios are described to allow the delegates to practice on how to design and configure a complex network security scenario and how to use advanced configurations of IPSec, SSL VPN, IPv4, IPv6, Dynamic Routing, DMZ Concepts, NAT, NAT64, NAT46, VLAN and Link Aggregations.

The prepared tasks mimic the complicated NSE 8 Lab Topology and are developed with the intention of helping you to understand how to find a solution to solve them.

The PrepForce 8 Lab Scenarios are specially structured to teach students how to find ways to approach the problem, managing the remaining time, and solve the advanced set of given tasks. Explore below the installed versions:

  • FortiGATE 6.0.x
  • FortiMANAGER 6.0.x
  • FortiANALYZER 6.0.x
  • FortiAUTHENTICATOR 5.4.x
  • FortiSANDBOX 3.0.x
  • FortiADC 5.1.x (VM and D series)
  • FortiWEB 5.3.x
  • FortiMAIL 5.2.x
  • FortiAP (coming soon)
  • FortiClient (coming soon)

Our lab prepares you for the NSE8 Practical Exam. But currently does not cover FortiDDoS, FortiSwitch or FortiSIEM.

Our Labs have now upgraded to the latest versions covered in the NSE 8 practical exam!

Last update: November 2019

Download the Lab Topology included in our Lab Guide for free!

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Rack Rental Solutions

Remote Rack Access

3 Days (72 hours)

650 € | Now: 500 €

Remote Rack Access

7 Days (1 week)

975 € | Now: 700 €

Remote Rack Access

(Bulk Volume)

Available Upon Request

Note: These Rental Racks options are available for candidates who have attended PrepForce 8 Instructor-Led Training Bootcamp at our facilities. For other rental options, see the Self-Study Packages available.